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When it comes to makeup, professional artists know what works and what doesn’t. At EMMA we are enlisting a community of makeup artists from around the world to work with and consult on each and every product in the EMMA line. The result is a range of makeup and skincare products that give your client beautiful results; simply, professionally and without any stress. This program provides the professional community special benefits and discounts.


We love to sponsor artists who support our brand. If you supply editorial credit to EMMA for two or more pieces of work we offer product to you at no charge. Please contact us directly for more information. Send Application along with requested identification to:




• A completed Membership Application. Memberships are available to: Makeup Artist, Aesthetician, Cosmetologist, Performer/On-Air Talent, Fashion Stylist, Photographer, Model, Hairstylist, Current students enrolled in makeup artistry courses


• Professional identification must be included with the application. Examples of professional identification must include one of the following: Union card, professional license or publication/agency masthead Editorial page with name credit, program or press material with name and profession Contract on professional letterhead, professional website Certificate/diploma.


• Required professional identification must be current. If you are a current student you must supply a copy of your schools enrollment information.


We will need between 2 – 4 weeks to process your information. We can be reached at